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Chardham Helicopters is one of the most popular Travel agency for those who want to explore the Chardham and try to make adventure

Several questionable travel agencies are enticing customers with significantly reduced prices for Heli Tours, using our company's name. It is crucial to remain vigilant against these scam artists and refrain from making any payments to individual names.

Ensure that all payments are directed to our official company bank account or through QR/UPI/Google Pay, bearing the name "Chardham Helicopters." A list of accepted payment options is provided for your convenience.

For secure transactions and to safeguard against fraudulent activities, please exclusively use the specified payment methods mentioned above. Our dedicated Heli Tours booking team can be reached at the following contact numbers:

+91 97589 11888, +91 97592 22888.

Feel free to contact them for any assistance or clarification related to your bookings.

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+91 735 117 0088